Thursday, January 26, 2012

[New Year, New You] Glamour in the Year of the Hustle

The New Year, New You Project is an experiment in Magical Radical Transformation.  Please see here for how to participate! 

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So, I expected to be writing my response to the prompt just before writing the new prompt as I've been doing, but I actually had yesterday off which was nice.  My sister got me a bunch of spa stuff and a Lush gift card (and a hello kitty toaster because I love kitty like a loving thing).  What's important about that is that she, a much harder working Ferengi * than me, said that I deserved a chance to relax as I'm hustling so hard, I was flattered and thought yesterday would be a good day to do just that.

So I slept in and then started to prepare for a beauty rite as I have a lot of external and internal issues with feeling good about myself.

Deb's Rite for Beauty and Awesomeness

1.  If you have any beauty oriented god/desses, make an offering to them and if they're amendable to it, bring them into the bathroom to supervise.  I brought in Erzulie and Aphrodite who were happy to supervise while making sure their respective offerings were EXACTLY EQUAL.

2. Gather the following:
* 1/4 cup rose water
* 4 cups milk
* 1/4 cup honey
* 1/4 cup coarse sea or Kosher salt
* 1/8 cup olive oil
* Sage essential oil
* 1 tablespoon of finely crushed dried rose petals
* 2 chamomile teabags in cold water
* A face mask
* Loofah or scrubby gloves
* Moisturizer
* Fresh strawberries
* St. Germain
* Music
* Jasmine incense

3. Start by lighting the jasmine incense and putting on your music.  Then mix the salt and the olive oil together with the sage essential oil.  Step into the shower and concentrate on scrubbing off all the crap you feel about your body and shitty things people have said about your body.  While doing this I had the wistful thought, you used to be the May Queen. And I thought about how much I missed my old self, who was def not as wise or as organized, but who liked her body and liked to play.  I thought about how I would like to reclaim being May Queen and I focused on letting all the stuff that weighed me down and made me feel not good enough going down the drain.

4.  Start drawing a bath.  Add the milk, honey, rose water and dried petals.  Get in the tub.  Eat the strawberries and St. Germain and relax and open yourself up to being beautiful.

5. Put the face mask on and the chamomile teabags on your eyes.  Focus on relaxing and being beautiful.  Wash the mask off.

6. Get out of the tub and moisturize.   Admire how dewy your skin looks in the mirror.

7. If you're into self love, now's a good point to get down with that.

8. Put feather extensions in your hair so you're one step closer to looking like Aria Montgomery.  (Optional) (Mine are purple)

I feel more myself than I have in a long time and more in touch with my body than I have in a long time.  It feels really good to feel connected and to feel love for my body, it was a really powerful ritual for me.

* Mom gets huffy when I say that I come from a family of Ferengi because they are not aesthetically pleasing to her but when I explain that it's not about looks, it's about the drive, the hustle, the cunning, the tenacity and the ability to turn pennies into massive cash she is somewhat appeased.  As I come from a family of Ferengi, I'm definitely the Quark of the family - doing well when compared to our peers,  but by family standards- I'm awful with money (which makes everyone laugh when I say that because again, I'm pretty good with it but compared to my fam not so much)and a unrepentant artist/dreamer type, much like Quark as compared to the rest of his family.  However I will say my mom's side (including my mom and sis) take a great deal of satisfaction in having a rebel/artist/writer in their ranks, so there is that.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'm a rosepetal kind of guy but my own post is here. I think part of what I'm struggling with is that there's not much along the lines of "pampering" for guys that isn't the metaphysical equivalent of Axe commercials. ;)

petoskystone said...

I enjoyed the Star Trek comparison. :) Here's my response to Glamor/Me:

How do I post a link for my response, as jackwren did?

MG Ellington said...

Thank you so much for this example.

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