Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[New Year, New Year] The Year of the Hustle: Let's Make Our Own Luck

This is my personal update in general and in response to the Enchanting prompt.
For my response to Enchanting, I made sure to feed everything that needs to be fed (dessert roses, lodestones, high John, honey jar, mojo bags, etc) which I suck at as I have a the-world-is-my-tank-of-seamonkeys view point.  I did some divination and asked my husbands (Jow and Gordon) what they thought and basically they reinforced what I suspected - my wheel is spinning too fast and there are too many variables to get a good bead on what's going to happen because it's changing too quickly.  But.  When I get overwhelmed, my natural inclination is to drop to the ground limp toddler style like Lilo does in Lilo and Stitch and just ignore everything and freak out.  Which . . .I no longer have the luxury to do.  So if I can keep focused and not give in to these inclinations, I can get a lot of shit done.  I also did another ritual that I will be blogging about tomorrow.

Right now, I am so tired I feel like I'm almost in a trance state.  Gearing up for the Year of the Hustle (you can thank Jow for that) and dipping my toes in is v. different than now being thrown into the deep end head first which is where I am now.   Monday I had a total meltdown as I was convinced of my complete inability to get this shit done on top of working way more hours than I have in my day job in years as well as the added bonus of now needing to wake up at 6:15a two days a week.   At the same time, having less time to fuck around with has made me much more focused.

Things I have been doing for my goals this week:
* Tracking my calories
* Made a dr. appt for Monday for fibro med check
* Cleaned/cleaned the house
* Kept up with everyone's NY NY entries
* Put out a query for an editor for the eCourse (and got three proposals from copyeditors already!)
* Reviewed and updated my credit card bills.  I am now 2/3 paid off which is really good.  My goal is to be completely paid off by the end of this year and to start savings.
* Left a message at the church re: the chapel for our wedding and got my stag/hen party date set.
* Kept up with writing the prompts
* Received all my crafting supplies for stock for the coming year/booked my first show (second will be booked later today)
* I will book my first dance class a little later today


Lavanah said...

Just reading this was exhausting! (Oh, and hooray on the dance class-I am a huge believer in happy movement! What kind of dance?)

Gordon said...

Hooray! My analysis matched Jow's. Synchronous finger-waving advice for the win.

petoskystone said...

Especial congratulations on paying down the credit cards so quickly!

MG Ellington said...

While I have not been posting regularly, every day involved some aspect of getting closer to my goals. The to-do list has been a mental one and the focus hasn't always been surface conscious, but present none the less.

Your list is certainly an admirable one.

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