Thursday, April 22, 2010

You started the Trojan War? What, like, it's hard?

I make it a point to try not to get tapped by any new gods or goddesses, even the number I work with is a little too much for me sometimes. But, as we all know, like thinking that last jaegarbomb was a good idea, sometimes things have a way of just happening.

I find that if I'm going to get tapped either by a new to me god or goddess or a god or goddess I don't work with very often, it tends to be due to a GoG ritual. In fact, that's how I acquired most of my personal pantheon (I'm looking at you, Eris).

Generally, there are signs that don't make sense until I'm clear on who's tapping me. Today's tapping was brought to you by the letter "A" and the number 13.

1. Why can't I stop thinking about boys* and lipgloss?

2. Why are the older ladies in my life suddenly obsessed with me looking youthful, but age appropriate? I guess it is time for an image overhaul. New hair, new clothes, new shoes, new make up, done!

3. Preen. Be admired. Drop it like it's hot. That's right, boys*! Take a good look!

4. God, why is Hephaestus Jow being such a drag about exbfs and random boy attention? You're not the boss of me! I demand a longer leash!

5. Decide to send an email to one of the GoG organizers for Beltane to see if they need halp. Immediately get a response back that the 12+ Olympian gods will be honored. Do I want to make a shrine, pick one? Super awesome! I love them. Who? Just did a rit to Demeter not even a year ago. Persephone, did a rit to her too. Hestia might get into a fist fight with Parvati for dominance over my kitchen and I'm not touching that with a 20 foot pole. Hmmm. Everyone's always ragging on Hera, maybe get to know her? But then, I'm going to be influenced at Beltane by Hera most likely. Ugh, that would be a drag. I want to reclaim Beltane! I'm the goddamn May Queen! Last year's Beltane was such a bummer for me, I was an Outsider for *my* holiday due to the divorce.

6. Aphrodite, is that you?

7. Sigh.

8. Okay.

9. Write the email.

This is not the first time this has happened (and a tiny voice says, and it won't be the last!), what happens now in my experience is there's either minor or major communing with said deity between now and the ritual. Luckily I had sort of worked with Aphrodite before. Things that help me relate to new deities:

1. Pop culture. For reals! A song will get stuck in my head that's relevant (which also makes all the Ke$ha and Lady Gaga suddenly make sense).

2. Research. Both "real" research (i.e. scholarly) and pop culture research. Dark secret of the day: I love the way the gods were portrayed on Xena/Hercules. I loved that it was a new, modern take on them. And I always *loved* their Aphrodite. Also, I need to check out Percy Jackson for some more modern takes on the greek gods.

3. I try not to fight it. This is a two week time period. I have dealt with the greeks before. In my head, they like to laugh a lot, they like puns, wine, eating well and flirting. It's seasonally appropriate anyway, may as well just give in to the experience for the next few weeks. I see oysters in my future. Mmmmm.

4. Because of the way I do magic (Jow pointed out that TRANSform Me is the most accurate way of describing my internal magic process because man, if you can flip genders as a hat trick and then help others change themselves to feel good, it's pretty awesome), glamoury in the form of clothing, makeup, hair, jewelry, etc. is how I can express a lot of things - confidence, shielding, my interpretation of a god or goddess, etc. So outfit planning will be pretty crucial.

5. Altar dressing, both in making a mini shrine at home that I can keep and altar for the rit becomes pretty important.

So I'll be meditating on all of these points and keeping myself open to whatever adventure pops up along the way between now and Beltane. I'll keep you posted!

* - and girls too!


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