Thursday, January 19, 2012

Was I My Best?

So as you all know, I've been struggling to attend a BarreAmped dance class as I bought it through Groupon but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I've figured out that it's causing me more harm than good.  The times for the classes are difficult for me to make and it's a couple towns over making it more complicated.  Because I've been so focused on trying to get my ass there, I haven't been going to the gym which is all of two minutes from my house and open 24/7.  With the new hours I'm working, I'm worried that this class may cause me more harm than good as I need to be v. careful with my spoons because if I overdo and flare up and need to take off of work, so do the women I work for.

Part of making goals (imo) is also figuring out which goals aren't so possible and recalibrating accordingly.  So the new plan is to (hopefully*) go to the gym on Sat and Monday which will be my gym schedule in general as I feel that's something I can do indefinitely and it's a better spoon balance.  I got some yoga classes and the times are a much better fit for my current schedule and it's a little closer to me.

So there is my full disclosure for the Experiment :)

* It's my first year nannying so it's germ farm a-go-go, whenever one of the kids is sick so am I.  Baby #2 is sick right now and I'm feeling a little blech but I'm hoping to 'Quil it away.


MG Ellington said...

I am sorry you are fighting being sick so often this year. Editing your goals is just as important as editing artistic works to make them really shine and reflect you in the best light. This is super progress.

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