Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[New Year, New You] Glamour and You

The New Year, New You Project is an experiment in Magical Radical Transformation.  Please see here for how to participate! 

Please remember to leave a link here to your blog entry with your response to this prompt or an update on your own Experiment.

Okay, so I know I totes promised that I'd start doing moon phases, etc. again but the truth of the matter is that a lot of my correspondence and blog writing is now being done during nap times (I'm a nanny by day) on (kindly lent) borrowed computers so I can't really save images, access my links, etc. (I know I could if I really wanted to but nap time is a finite period, Charmers)

We're drawing to a close on the first part of the Experiment, though there will be an eCourse offered right after this ends.  I just signed my copy editor for it so that it will be more polished than my blogging and it will be done as an automated email.  What that means is that you'll sign up and be able to get each lesson straight to your email box.  I will also have a Google group for people who are continuing with the Experiment to share their work with each other as we have been on the blogosphere.  If you're behind a few weeks, don't worry!  You can start the eCourse any time you want and share your thoughts on the list whenever you wanted.   We'll get into the nuts and bolts of that however once we start the next phase.

This week, I would like you to think about how you're presenting yourself to the world and how that's affecting your own personal goals.  The old cliche about looking your best helps you feel your best does have some merit, especially if you have love or job related goals.  It doesn't mean that you need to fit anyone else's mold of looking your best but your own.  If you don't like wearing makeup, don't.  If you don't like wearing a tie, don't.  This is about being the best personal you you can be and about feeling good in your own skin.

Some suggestions:

* If you would like to wear make up but have never really learned how, going to the MAC counter can be a good place to start (or asking a friend for help!) as 99% of the people (boys too) who work there are non judgemental as it's a safe haven for freaks on a leash who need a day job.

* Do your clothes fit you as well as they could?  If not, consider repairing them yourself if you can or taking them to be tailored.  That's a big celeb secret, they buy clothes that are as big as the biggest part of their bodies and then get the rest tailored.  Getting dress pants or a dress or your winter coat tailored can make a big difference in your wardrobe.

* Is your wardrobe missing something or you're in low supply of something?  Shoes, socks, outer wear, undergarments (if you wear a bra, you should get remeasured for one every six months) and accessories can make a big difference on how polished you look.

* Are you taking care of your skin, hair, teeth and nails?

* Are you drinking enough water, eating food that's kind to your body and getting some exercise in (even if it's housekeeping or a short walk)?

* Write a love letter to your body to tell it how much it rocks

* If you have trouble with self image, consider doing a magical work to make you feel better about yourself

Our physical selves often get neglected in magical workings, give your physical self some love and magic this week!


Anonymous said...

Someone's been reading my mind ;)
Pretty Thoughts

polyphanes said...

I apologize for not having gotten to prompt 6 yet, but it's in the works. In the meantime, here's how awesome my body is and looks.

Grace said...


^Some reasons why I'm a pretty pretty princess.

Teresa said...


This was an uber hard entry to write. Not in a mechanics sense, but in a viceral sense. Thanks....my vicera need shaking up now and then so they don't get complacent.

Satyr Magos said...

This gets a little foamy by the end.

The Were-Owl said...

Part One and Part Two.

Peeps said...

NY, NY: The Caretaker Needs Care, Too - because sometimes the whole universe gangs up to tell you to take better care of yourself.

Unknown said...


boom. awesome.

Unknown said...

Ended up posting pictures in this entry, lol.

Anonymous said...

Glamour work plus to bonus mini-rants!

Anonymous said...

Argh, spelling fail FTL. :(

Anonymous said...

So I have finally blogged in response to this. I'm still not entirely happy with it, or confident about it, but here's what I've got.


MG Ellington said...


Thank you so much for this.

G. J. Jolly said...

Here is my writing prompt.

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