Thursday, February 2, 2012

[New Year, New You] My (Partial) Response to Shoulder to the Wheel

We got this awesome picture when thrifting
for Spare Oom/Work Room.  It's our
portal to the Other World (oooooh).

Trufax: When I was in college, I took an accredited course in
Chinese calligraphy from the granddaughter of a calligraphy
Master.  The little rabbit was a gift from Jow.

This candelabra was purchased from Anthropologie during my
Florence period (still on going).

And what it is you do/ to keep your
eyes so shiny

When I think of heav'n/ deliver me in the belly of a
black winged bird

Saw them crown you May Queen/
heard you sing the sweetest thing
Close up on the cupboard and
Hedgecrosser's Mandala

And gave him the form of a fawn/ to inhabit by the day
(I made the terrarium for Jow for Yule.  The cedar chest
is his finding and St. Germain bottles are too pretty to just
recycle and not reuse)

Our ritual table
cupboard with ritual
supplies and Sarah
Lawless's print.

My serial killer focus board

A Spare Oom is not complete without
a lamp post

Legwarmers are an integral part to making a magical part of your
house.  Intregral.

Our nature spirits altar.

My spinning wheel

Hand dyed wool to be spun


~ Mari said...

<3 the picture with the key!!

petoskystone said...

Love the Black Winged Bird photo :)

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