Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Now, today may be confusing for some of you because Mabon is sharing a day with an equally important holiday, Rex Manning Day.

It does present a plethora of potential etiquette dilemias, especially with the touchy subject comingling Pagans who don't celebrate RMD and RMD Believers who don't celebrate the Pagan holidays due to faith schism issues. And O What About the Children? Like me! I celebrate both! No one wants the stress of both holidays melting down over your lovely dinner and religious arguments are so boring.

So here is what you do. You honor both. Because? Let's face it, it's a Wednesday and you have almost no will to do anything. Especially, if like me, your sister just got married over the weekend and you just cooked a rehersal dinner for 20 and had Maid of Honor Duties.

1. Invite your friends to help celebrate! Pagans, RMD Believers and non believers alike! Everyone likes booze and/or ice cream!

2. A lot of guys like quests when celebrating religious events. Jow has not yet been exposed to RMD so I sent him on a quest to try to find Pumpkin Pie flavored ice cream and perhaps more apple cider as I suspect he bathes in it. J. will be getting the holy text for the evening.

3. Now that it's fall, peruse Halloween decorations. If you're like me, you like some of the nicer stuff to decorate your house year round anyway. Also, it's getting cold. Celebrating also means getting a new chunky cardi, *especially* since there's a sale.

4. Celebrate both holidays by drinking spiked apple cider, eating popcorn and ice cream and watching the sacred text.

p.s. I also came up with a formula for my super secret Trevia project today also.


Willow said...

Damn the man! Save the Empire!

One of my favorite movies of all time.

Lavanah said...

It is also Hobbit Day. So a good pipe, some beer (and mushrooms!) and a bath could be put on the schedule, too.

Sydnii said...

I never knew!

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