Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I Am Thinking Thinking About That You May or May Not Care About

1. I think this is the Kitchen Witch anthem.

2. It's frowned upon in most parts of the world to stab one's pregnant sister in the hand, no matter how irritating she may be.

3. I edit my blog titles now to be in line with the title editing standards at Demand Studios.

4. I have just spent a far bigger chunk of my day addressing baby shower invitations than I would prefer. I think my anxiety/rage psychotic breaks were now at an end now that her highness' wedding is done but no, that would be incorrect.

5. I will be guest blogging over at Mrs. B's on October 21st, giving out my super sekrit stuffed pumpkin recipe.

6. I need to focus and make my focus board and stuff to focus on as per my PEH.

7. We just bought some Crayola window markers for sigil work, also as per my PEH. I am also contemplating how to use them with prosperity magic (so far: one above the stove, one under my honey pot).

8. Clearly I am soon going to need a trip to AC Moore the Pagan Store.

9. Our Spare Oom was first going to be a magic room (well, first, it was going to be Jow's Super Sekrit Magical Hideaway but I was like, um you know I'd like a sewing room too just saying. Compromise!) and then a spare room and now we're contemplating that it really should be an office/study for both of us, especially if I start working from home. I would like to put my board in there I think. I will need a desk soon I think.

10. While I have not yet formally made any offerings to Erzulie, I have bought the offering and plan to make the offering once it stops constantly raining. I have had no protests so far from any of my current patrons, but I *have* had dreams and various other real world signils that makes me think I'm being courted (Here at ErzulieCo. we offer . . . ). I got free pumpkin spice in my iced tea at starbucks from a youngish guy among other things. I am still moving slowly however.


Chrys said...

Lol, I just learned some bits about Erzulie this weekend at NYC-PPD. According to the Voudou Priestess who gave a big talk/workshop on Voudou practice, Erzulie is *always* crying, so would it be better to make the offering while its raining?

I have the Priestess's contact info if you'd like to chat with her, she and her house are in Brooklyn. I had my own questions of "Can I work with just one African/Hatian spirit without inviting everybody?" and they were really friendly and forthcoming with info and anecdotes :-)

Faerie Sage said...

I love number one, I have to agree, this is the true Kitchen Witches anthem! I am only now getting the tugs from individual dieties, and I have to thank you for all of the information and personal choices which you share. It has helped me to recognize a number of 'tugs' and pushed me to learn about and deal with the new things emerging in my witchy practice, but Im late (go figure) so off I go!

Anonymous said...

"AC Moore the Pagan Store"

Buwahaha. <3

Anonymous said...

Can I just say how much I love reading your posts? They're always so dang witty and smart! Also, getting all stabbity on pregsis may not be approved of, but it might be fuuuuuuun ;-)

Great post!


Deborah Castellano said...

@ Chrys- good point w/r/t tears! I guess I was stuck more on, she doesn't seem like the kind of lady who would like soggy pocki. ;p I would like the Priestess' contact info, please!

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts!

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