Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've got the answer here/ I just gotta find it . . .

Welcome new readers! Hello, old readers! My sister is getting married on Sunday and is craaaaahrzy because she's also preggo and due in Nov.

So, let's play some Q&A. Have any questions regarding kitchen witchery, spinning, reality television, polyamory, fibromyalgia, Dianic Wicca, or anything else you've been dying to get my opinion on? Ask! I'm actually v. hard to offend.


Rufus Opus said...

Would you buy a Traditional Magician's Guide to Cooking? Sort of a "Mushrooms are of Saturn, and cream and beef are of the Moon and Venus, so Fauxganoff made of cream of mushroom soup and ground beef brings a manifestation of unlimited love" kind of thing.

Deborah Castellano said...

:D I'm lulzing. I would! I don't know that I would cook with it because I lack planning and forethought, I own a few "serious kitchen witch" books (funnily, I was dreaming I was making scones from it last night, the only recipe that stuck). But I have this weird cookbook fetish where I will really read a cookbook before bed like a novel, I find it soothing. I have a massive thing for vintage cookbooks, I keep hoping someone will let me have a party with all sorts of aspic but everyone keeps saying no. I would read that book before bed for sure.

Faerie Sage said...

I have been having a number of trials recently in my life, I know I have a totem, but it has never shown its self to me. So I have been trying to give it chances to contact me because I am pretty sure its kicking me in the ass for something I have been doing. I am renewing my spirituality as I have been sunk in the world a masters degree for some time. As I am distinctly not good at meditation, I was hoping you may be able to give me some ideas on how I might proceed, ideas advice anything really, before it trys another not so pretty trick on me.

Deborah Castellano said...

Hi Faerie Sage! Without meditation, the easiest way to figure out who's trying to talk to you is to become super aware of your surroundings and see which animal keeps coming up.

Keep hearing songs by Counting Crows and see ravens everywhere you go? Seeing bears on tv all the time and suddenly can't get enough of salmon? These are all signs. :)

Also, the best trick I've learned to try to figure things out spiritually is to let my dreams be open for my totems and try to remember them in the morning. It took me a while to figure out who Crow was because he kept appearing to me as a person in my dreams verses an actual Crow because He knew I thought crows were gross and bad omens at the time so He charmed me that way.

Once you figure it out, have a quick spin through "Uncle" Ted Andrews' Animal Speak in your local bookstore to look up your totem, see what it says. Do some internet searching on the actual animal's habits. When I first got my first totem, Rabbit, I spent a few days as a vegetarian 'cause they are so I'd get closer to Him.

Let me know how it works! And yeah, totems def have a way of sort of beating your head in until you get it. Ask for signs about what you're doing that the totem disagrees with, I am a fan of "radiomancy" or I-Tunes for that. I ask my question and spin the dial and listen closely to the lyrics. Sometimes tarot too.

Shelly said...

ohhhh! Radiomancy!!!! I've never heard it put that way, but totally accurate `;~)

I love cookbooks too. Unfortunately, they are still packed away from the divorce like 5 years ago :( I don't have the space for them... I'm looking forward to getting them out and enjoying them when I get my new place `;~)

RO - I would totally go for that book! I love witch cookbooks. I don't cook because I don't currently have a stove, but I loved to do magickal cooking. I'm looking forward to being able to cook again too!


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