Monday, April 26, 2010


I've fucked around with the idea of owning a witch shop or a coffeehouse for quite some time. Since . . . like, 20? I kind of put both away for a while once I was about 25. There was a heady group daydream of a coffeehouse during a trip to Van Gough's Ear because we're the tail end of Gen X, it was our culture and we miss it. Starbucks, while most of us have caved to their siren song, is still not the same in terms of social culture. But once you start talking nuuuuuuuuuumbers and savvvvvvvvings it gets to be a drag since most of us are scraping by.

Jow and I took a mini break to the pocanos a while back and we found a tiny witch store and got all excited because we were in the boonies but *man* was it a hot mess. And more and more brick and mortar stores keep closing down (Aphrodesia, Gypsy Haven) which is disheartening and depressing. So we of course started day dreaming about what *our* store would look like. And then we started talking nuuuuuuuuuuuumbers and savvvvvvvvvvvvvvings and the failboat that this economy is and promptly put it away except to occasionally daydream about it.

Flashfoward to a while ago! I had a dream that we were a traveling curio shop and were vending an event and I saw how beautiful our shop was set up and actually figured out what to do with a few things (like yarnlets, believe it or not). I woke up and told Jow about it. And we started figuring out inventory (hand made, eco-friendly whenever possible, supporting small business whenever possible, local whenever possible, etc., etc.) and where we could vend and what we wanted to vend.

And . . .like, five years from now (maybe three?) when we have new flooring in the condo and things are pretty set in the house and we have some savings, and we've gotten even better at our respective crafts, we could take it on the road. To indie craft shows, to cons, to festivals, all sorts of things. And we could have different wares and services (which we'd want to offer too) in different places. Vending isn't cheap, but it's not impossible either.

So we're pretty excited about this and are currently working towards this. We're going to call it: Trevia: The Traveling Curio Shop.


Anonymous said...

i have a friend who basically does this. she sells t shirts at conventions (mostly sci-fi/geeky) and her hubby does some too. they travel all around the east coast, upper south and midwest. she still keeps a part time week day job but works at least 75% of her weekends vending.

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