Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Perfect Day

For some reason, Rune Soup seems to be down, which is a bummer because (a) I totally dig the blog and (b) Gordon had just posted a bad ass entry about Ganesha and Life Planning/Hacking that I wanted to attempt to do like a good little groupie.

I will then instead attempt to figure out something that a few people have been attempting to figure out over in eljay, which is also relevant. What would be your ideal day? Now I'm not talking blowjobs and a porterhouse over in the Bahamas with a beer, I'm talking a day you could either conceivably have now, or have if all of your financial magic/work/not fucking around worked.

For some reason, I'm shit scared to put it down on paper to start manifesting it. I guess it's because, what if my perfect day ends up to be a total drag! All of that time, energy, effort, and magical splooging for nothing!

And what would be worse than that, blogosphere? So it also comes down to believing that you actually know what you're doing and what you're asking for. Also: realistic expectations help. Sars over at Tomato Nation reminds us that a job is still a job, yo. Even if it's your dream job. In other words, it's called work and not fun for a reason.

But let's give it a go anyway! Into the abyss!

9a - alarm clock starts going off
9:20a - get ass out of bed. Get dressed, brush teeth, etc.
9:45a - Sun Salutation
10a - Breakfast
10:15a - spiritual practice of some kind
11a - straighten the house
12p - lunch/intertubes
1p - writing (blog, novel, short stories, website stuff, kitchen witch book, etc.) (sometimes instead it will be focused on: editing or "shopping" pieces)
4:00p - go to the gym and/or run errands
5:30p - make/eat dinner/social obs
8:30p - craft (sometimes instead will be focused on updating my shop or getting things set to be shipped)
10:15p - Moon Salutation
10:30 - read
11:30 - bed

Hmmmm. It appears I am a v. simple creature. I think I should experiment with trying this on a free weekend day and see how it goes. Test drive it a bit before I start jizzing magical energy all over the place into it.


Rufus Opus said...

mine would be all:

* sleep
* read/coffee - between 6 and 11 in the morning, depending on the night before
* write - until I'm hungry
* eat - until I'm full
* siesta
* read/coke or Iced Tea - you'd better have fucking blogged something good since this morning, or else
* eat - yeah, I might get hungry if I don't eat some more
* write - ahhh, time to rip out some new assholes, or maybe finish a couple of chapters or lessons
* maybe shower - if I feel like it, or it's become necessary
* business - errands, grocery shopping, hanging out, anything that requires me to go outside of my den for an extended period of time
* snack - small steak, small potato, large salad, another small steak
* research - follow up on some things that people mentioned/spirits revealed/interest me
* apply research - ritual coolness
* buzz around on the effects of the rite
* Screen time - X-Box, movies, toob, noos, whatever
* sleep - perchance to dream
* sleep moar

and some fuckin' in there somewhere, every few days.

I think I see why I never get to win the lottery. I'd basically turn into a magical writing cat.

Mr. J. said...

God it's been a lovely day/ everything's been going my way.. I had so much fun today/ and I'M ON FIRE!

Deborah Castellano said...

@ RO - Now every time I think about my perfect day/career occultism, I think about really wanting to become a magical writing cat, which always makes me giggle!

shmemily said...

ooh, what's a moon salutation?

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