Friday, April 30, 2010


So, Gordon (who I am becoming increasingly convinced is my seperated from birth twin blog brother) just posted about Secular Beltane, which is actually something I had been pondering this year for myself. Generally I would go to the Spoutswood Fairy Festival where I would run around in my box (heh) clothes, otherwise known as my gothity-goth-goth-goth stuff I rarely get to wear anymore where teenagers shyly tell me they like what I'm wearing, eat a metric ton of PA Dutch food, run around with my camp friends on a huge ass farm and then drink after hours around a bonfire until I hallucinate which seems about right.

Except this year my bff from Kansas is getting married over the summer and I need to attempt to be more frugal. So what to do? I mean, that was my personal/secular Beltane celebration. Sure, I would be celebrating Beltane with GoG, but what to do on Beltane proper that seemed . . .seasonally secular? I went through a few options, and this is what I finally came up with.

1. Beltane at Dawn in Princeton. This is where Morris dancers do the whole maypole thing. It's a bit more towards the religious side I guess ('cept the dancers aren't too pagan) due to the Maypoling and whatnot. But there is sacrifice too - the whole getting up at dawn thing (. . .seriously) and getting to play another exciting round of Stare Down the Wasband (because custody of grove and grove related events was not in the divorce decree, sadly. But it's a constant opportunity for personal growth or sticking my head in a blender, I'm not sure which yet, it's still too soon to tell. And no, we are most assuredly not on good terms).

2. Breakfast at a diner after. No, there won't be any lovely purple broccoli there, but it will be food that is natural to the NJ Human Habitat.

3. Seista!

4. Dancing and drinking either in my living room if I'm too tired to move, or dancing and drinking at Hotoke in NB.

It seems to me that Beltane means eating high caloric food, dancing, sacrifice, and drinking excessively. Chin Chin!


Lavanah said...

The purple asparagus is not a Beltane only thing. But after Beltane it only comes (ahem) when it likes. No Maypole for me, but I will have my Fire.

(and my word verification was "creatios")

Gordon said...

May it please the court; I move that a siesta be officially added to the running order of every pagan festival from now on.

I had an accidental Beltane siesta today... But I also got up really early and then made the 'mistake' of lying out in the sun all afternoon.

Deborah Castellano said...

So moved! I too did that. :)

Lavanah said...

Accidental akin patterns of 'too much sun" happened a lot, yesterday. A form of Beltane tatoo?

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