Sunday, April 18, 2010

JOW reads to DEB from the pagan book she is reading.

Jow: And then we called the Star Goddess by her true name as told to us from my teacher, Victor--

Deb (sleepily): Wait, repeat the name.

(JOW repeats the name)

Deb: Are . . .are you serious? Repeat the name again.

(JOW repeats the name)

Deb (decisively): No.

Jow: . . .no?

Deb: No. I cannot take that name seriously. I will call her Star Goddess, like the book initially says.

Jow: I Love you, baby.

Deb: Mrph?

Jow: You just . . .you just take things and make them your own and don't let anyone tell you what to do about it, not even books about religion.

Deb: Why thank you. I get it from my mom so I'm only going to get more ornery with age. You should hear her take on the Catholic stuff.


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