Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well Played, Universe. Well Played.

So, yesterday I decided to summon up the the nerve to contemplate what my perfect day would look like and then promptly wandered off to go chase moths for a while and then promptly fell asleep.

Today my boss started making noises about "summer hours". Now, I started to quietly freak the fuck out about this and started promptly thinking about what I could do to make the money up, assuming she decided to give me my half day, Friday off. I considered doing massive praying and ritualing to bring my company more business.

Ooooooooooor. Or. I could consider that perhaps a weekly day off could give me a chance to really dry run my "ideal day" weekly. I could do more shopping at the farmer's market, saving money. I could see about changing things like car insurance, my consolidated credit, hell even getting rid of cable like Gordon suggested. I could try to really make money independently. I could even buy a beach pass and that could be my primary source of entertainment and oceanside communing.

So, I've decided right now to do nothing. I prayed of course. I asked my gods to have my best interests at heart and I would be open to either more time to pursue my dreams or more business at work so I have more hours.

Either way. Let's spin the wheel. Bottle's on the ground, are you ready now?/ When it comes to me, I'm gonna be ready/ It's my turn in a minute/ gonna put my message in it/ I am ready now!/ Already on the ground!/ spin it 'round again . . .


Gordon said...

I don't see 'write more' anywhere on this list. And you're awesome at it so... You know... keep it in the mix.

My last employer had summer hours but it didn't mean a paycut, it meant working an extra hour mon-thur and then having half of friday off. Was your boss clear that this would mean a pay cut?

Anonymous said...

I followed you here from LJ and just wanted to say that I cancelled our cable on a trial basis during the writer's strike. Not having the tv on all the time really opens up time to read, write, exercise and do magic. I miss it a little, but use Hulu and Netflix to get my media fix.

Deborah Castellano said...

@ Gordon- Awwww! Thank you! It is actually included on my Perfect day, spending 3 hours in said perfect day is a good chunk of time to be spending weekly. Also, I do try to catch bits of writing when I can. Before starting this blog, it was mostly romantica, but I'm contemplating getting serious about writing my hearth witchery book. It would be a pay cut because I'm hourly. But! I just called the state unemployment department, and they said I would likely qualify for partial unemployment, so whoooo! Also, I'm pretty sure we're blog sibs, seperated by birth.

@ thegreencall - It's good to hear from someone who did this. I think I would try cancelling our cable temporarily and going from there, if my hours get cut.

Gordon said...

I'm totally down with the sibs!

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