Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things You Need to Know

I have an article out today on WitchVox called I'm Not Clergy and You Can't Make Me.  Hello new readers!

I meant to have some kind of sparkling new entry scheduled for early AM today so you would be sucked in and instantly want to be my blogosphere friend forever but I have a head cold and I can't feel my face.  I didn't even have a cocktail at brunch (mon Dieux!).  

Instead, a list in no particular order:

1.  I offer a free course called New Year, New You: An Experiment in Radical, Magical Transformation. The first part can be found here.  The second part you need to sign up for in the little box on my blog page.

2. If you aren't familiar with my writing, Just as Long as We're Together: Amazon Rites New Jersey Style,  I Am Who I Am and Etiquette Lesson: How to Conduct Yourself When Someone Dies will give you the lay of the land.

3.  I cuss.  Sometimes a lot.

4. Every Monday that I have my shit together enough for, we do Recipe Monday.  Currently, I'm doing Mad Men era recipes because it's Mad Men season and I have a fascination with food from that time.  Also it's easy and I'm overworked right now.

5. I have a shop where I sell yarn and magical wares.  My non special edition oils are now labeled like my special edition oils are but I haven't had a chance to update the pictures as it's craft season and I have a day job and am finishing writing the eCourse because I like juggling chain saws and being constantly on the verge of a complete and utter nervous breakdown apparently.

6. I'm getting married in September of this year to my Husband Elect, Jow.  My Platonic Euro Husband (PEH) Gordon will be in attendance.

7.  I'm pre-selling a special edition oil currently called Unveiled.  I'm only making 10.  There are 6 left.

8. I'm 33 years old and I live in New Jersey with Jow and our two cats in a condo.  I consider myself a Hearth Witch which is fancy for dilettante.  I suck at meditation.  Currently I'm a nanny in my day job which is great when I don't want to bang my head against a wall until I stop moving.  I'm a published author, I specialize in smut (or "romantica" if you want to be polite), freelance articles on travel to places I've never been to, tents I'll never use because I hate camping and what to feed your pregnant mini pony as well as a contributor to Pagan sources such as Witchvox and Witches & Pagans.  I'm working on getting my craft business off the ground, I have contentious relationship with my body and I watch terrible terrible reality television.  I like St. Germain liquor and typewriters.

9. I'm almost done moving from this site to my new site, Charmed Finishing School because Gordon says I have to.  I didn't want to because I'm tired and lazy and I knew inevitably I would need an adult to sort it out to look the way I wanted it to look and that it would be a lot of time and aggro.  But Gordon knows what I'm supposed to be doing so I grudgingly complied.  It was a lot of time and aggro (a three hour baby nap to be exact - which never happens - and I could have been doing something productive like watching hours of Next Top Model or pinning) and I did need an adult to sort it out (thank the Goddess for Dossy.  If you need help with your website, go to him.  He's a local god).  So after this Recipe Monday I will be moving to the new site permanently.  Accept your fate as I've accepted mine and update your RSS Feed accordingly.

10.  I tweet fairly frequently if you're into that.  Expect a lot of #shen hashtags in the coming weeks for the Stag and Hen party.

11. I'm writing a book just like every other blogger.  My sole motivations on this are guilt and shame like every other writer.

Now you know everything you need to know to read my blog and I'm going to take a nap.


Gordon said...

Hey! Mentioned a bunch of times. Win.

RSS feed adjusted accordingly. Coming along great there, PAW.

Get well soon so we can continue our downmarket Austen correspondence!

Rue said...

Seriously loved the WV article! Well said!

I circle with a group of ladies and although I facilitate, I definitely don't feel like a leader. I just really enjoy getting together and presenting various topics of discussion or hands-on work. I'm all over the place in my interests too, but that is always who I've been and I'm definitely not going to grow out of it now!

Congrats on a great article!

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