Saturday, April 7, 2012

Glamour Rites

So I've been crying and whinging endlessly to anyone who will listen about being old and fat and no fun.  But at the end of the day, I'm a do'er.  I can't just roll around in the muck endlessly, I need to change things.  I've been trying to change things using boring, non magical means such as Pinterest boards to figure out where I'm going, not eating like my twenty year old self, going to the gym and changing my wardrobe.

But still.  There was inertia.  Then I read my PEH's soon to be seminal work, Sigils Reboot.  And I started thinking.  And planning.  I thought I would have done this rite like two weeks ago but shit kept happening.  So instead I spent my Good Friday (which I happened to have off and was both a Friday and a Full Moon) avoiding my family and practicing witchcraft.  Like you do.

You can't do a Glamour Rite without Beauty
Regime.  Pictured: Lucky 13 Soap (Lush),
Sephora Full Effect Mascara, Benefit Lipstick in
Miss Behavin', Coconut Milk Frangipani Face Mask,
Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer, Kabuki Brush
and Evian Mister


Ritual Attire

Ritual Altar: St. Germain, Fruit Tart, Mixed Dried Flowers,
My Ladies, Rose Absolute Essential Oil, Twilight Alchemy Labe
Milk and Honey, Stang and Cauldron propolis resin, Beeswax Candle
made by myself in French Hussy, vintage salt cellar with black salt

Post Ritual

Cherry Blossom Tree 


Primped from my nose to my toes

It was mandated by my Ladies that I go out post-rite to celebrate.
Grey Goose Pear Martinis for Everyone!


Andrew B. Watt said...

Well Done!

Mama Fortuna said...

Now that looks like a day well spent to me.

Rose Weaver said...

Most excellent!

Elle said...

Grey goose PEAR MARTINIS? I have got to try making those!

And the altars look fantasic and beautiful. Unfortunately nice altars like that aren't happening in my world! I'm all "do the work and pack up"!

Deborah Castellano said...

@ Elle - That's what I did! That's not a permanant altar, that's our working altar :)

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