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[Pagan Agony Auntie] Moar Honey Pots

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A reader asked a bit ago about what a honey pot is. I need to preface this with the fact that I am not a root worker and I am a neophyte at best in hoodoo. If you would like to speak to an actual hoodoo adult, check out:
Association of Independent Readers and Root Workers

Lucky Mojo

Old Style Conjure

cat yronwode gives a lot of good background and example spell workings over at Lucky Mojo, including supplies should you wish to purchase them.

That said, we'll put it into my words here. Honey pots are used traditionally in Hoodoo to bring money to you and also to potentially sweeten someone towards you (such as an ex you're trying to win back, your boss, a new love interest, the judge in a court case). I find honey pots to be an inexpensive "slow and steady" way to keep generating income.

I started to say you don't need a strong background in hoodoo to use a honey jar, but like all magical practices that depends on what you're going to do with it. If you want to use it to draw money, that's pretty basic and can be done by just about anyone. If you're starting to get into sweetening specific people toward you (i.e. using it as an influencing tool) and potentially bending them to your will, well, you better know what you're doing, champ because I'm sure as hell not going to help you out of a mess. I am not at all opposed to using a honey jar for that purpose, but you need to really be able to assess your magical prowess accurately so that you know if you can really handle any kind of fallout that may come from your working (again, like with any other working) should it go wrong (and in some cases, should it go right!).

How to Make a Honey Jar to Attract Income

A small hinged-lidded glass jar

Honey (you can use other sweetners, dare I say even sweetners like Equal or Splenda but I always use honey, preferably local)

A pinch of Irish Moss (steady flow of money)

A pinch of Chamomile (to hold onto your money)

A pinch of Cinnamon (to attract money quickly, it's a "heating" herb)

Small green taper candles

Money drawing oil

A small piece of paper bag

A pen

A pin

Matches (or a gas stove)

1. Write out your petition on your piece of paper bag. Write what you're trying to draw to you (a new job, a raise, job security, a second income stream, paid artistic gigs, etc.) but make sure your pen doesn't leave the page. Neatness doesn't count here, continuity does. Fold it up tightly towards you (to bring the money towards you).

2. Put the petition paper in the jar. Put the herbs in the jar. Pour honey over the herbs and paper until your jar is full. Seal the jar.

3. Pray over your jar. Psalms are typically recommended, if that's your bag rock out. If not figure out what is. (I usually pray/enchant/put my will into it and end it with "Please do this in the name of God Herself.")

4. Etch into your candle your intent. It can be words, symbols, runes, again, whatever's your bag. Dress your candle by putting a little bit of oil on it and rub the oil into the candle *towards* you.

5. If fire scares you, make sure your sink is cleared for this part. Put the honey jar into your cauldron or sink and light the candle. Melt a few drops onto the lid of your jar. Stick the candle onto the melted wax on top of your jar. I find it best to let it burn out in one go which is why I recommend small candles.

7. If you're on the ball, repeat steps 3-5 weekly. If you're a slag like myself, monthly has sufficed so far.


Ivy said...

I've been working on a bit of a twist on this -- a year long working to sweeten me to myself. Similar to how I'd do it if I were trying to influence anyone else, but using my name, etc. It's been an interesting experience so far, rather powerful.

Deborah Castellano said...

That's a really great idea! If there's any more you can share, please do!

Unknown said...

Does it have to be hinged? I have lots of screw-on glass jars that don't require me to buy TONS OF HONEY.

Deborah Castellano said...

Nope! A little screw top jar is fine too :) The important part is to ideally be able to burn a candle on the lid.

Unknown said...

Oh, then no problem :) thank you!

Lilith said...

So I'm ready to make my honey pot to attract income. Can you maybe help with a few questions?
1. There are a few plants known under the name of Irish Moss. Which one is meant?
2. I would add some coins to the jar. Is it a no-no, or do you think it'll be ok? I'm thinking I could then use the coins as "lucky coins" if I ever dissemble the honey pot (they won't be assimilated like herbs honey and paper if I bury it, although it shouldn't hurt anything when two coins would be buried somewhere?) I would be very thankful for your thoughts!

Deborah Castellano said...

@ Lilith -

1. This is the Irish Moss meant:

2. Adding coins are fine but I would personally bury them over using them after the honey pot had been decommissioned :)

Lilith said...

Done, got all the ingredients and didn't add coins after all ...

Lilith said...

Whew, it's been three years!! I've been looking for your post because I believe it's time to release the honey pot I made because it started leaking, or should I say OVERFLOWING, and with a good reason - there has been so much money coming in the last two weeks like never before and today when I was putting on a new candle my fingers got all sticky, there is honey leaking from under a closed and wax sealed lid! Just thought I'll leave a thanks for the recipe, and a little field report while looking for how to release it and make a new one with a bigger capacity ;)

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