Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Items at La Sirene et Le Corbeau

My shop is now filled to the brim with lush smelling hand poured beeswax votives, luxuriously soft handspun yarns, posh apothecary style hand blended oils and beautifying hand felted goat's milk soaps! <3

We're all sold on the copy and the pics? Awesome. I'm tired. Today was supposed to be resting but my new camera came and everyone on my facebook went on and on about how the expensive to me camera I was looking at was barely a camera and the camera above that was the bottom of the barrel and . . . I'm not much of a photographer. I'm usually throwing the party so I'm too busy hiding/hostessing to take pics, I still haven't mastered taking pics of myself and really I just mostly need it for my etsy shop and a little bit socially. So . . .fuck it. I sold some items with my old shitty camera, surely anything would be an improvement. So I read a bunch of reviews (user and CNET) on what I thought was a reasonable amount of money to spend on camera and wound up with a Kodak Easyshare. It's pink and it came with a memory card and is dumbed down to a level that is insulting even to me as I have had to learn how to take okay pictures (really I just want a Melissa and whatever behind the scenes elves do the tedious parts of blogging for Penelope) to compensate for my five year old camera (and it wasn't a top of the line so no it didn't age awesome). The dumbed down aspect is flat out offensive and slightly aggravating but it takes good pictures within five shots, more within the third shot and it keeps registering what I want correctly (flash level, macro/landscape/portrait, etc.) so I can feel superior or I can just get it done. Then I needed to count the yards of yarn, figure out copy and upload everything onto Etsy which is tedious as hell. It took all day but now everything's in the shop which will make adding a thing here and there easy.

Feel free to critique or offer suggestions, I probably don't know where you live or have your personal concerns and besides as established I'm too tired to hex today.


Unknown said...

I have but one suggestion; the title of the oils at your Etsy store is such that you have to click on each one to see what it does.

Perhaps you could title them with their use, like "Money Drawing Oil", and then in the description describe how they are handmade and the like? Then we could see at a glance what is available that matches need. Just an idea! Pictures look good, btw!

grayeyeshut said...

For your pictures, a flash really flattens out the image, and, especially with yarns, you want people to be able to see their depth and texture. I'm pretty sure you can read up on lighting techniques on the almighty google, but the quick, quick answer is to try to use natural light in the morning or afternoon when it is relatively low in the sky and position your subject at 12 on the imaginary clock, yourself at 6, and the sun between 3 and 5, or 7 and 9. The sun is bright and free and has excellent color temperature, but sometimes it can be a little fickle. ;)

Rufus Opus said...

Excellent! Now enchant for wealth!

Rufus Opus said...

Good god, woman! Double your prices. At least on the oils, for sure. I don't know yarn prices, but if other people are charging what you're charging for hand spun yarn, charge 20% more than they do. You're a witch. You add value.

Also, AIT posted about the knot-work magic, and if I could hand-spin yarn, I'd spin some specifically with the intent to be used in bindings, weave in the threads of Saturn and Mars, maybe in black and red, and then I'd post about the process you used. Consecrate the base materials individually, call on the spirits before spinning it, when complete, ask their blessing, etc. etc.

Rufus Opus said...

And fuck those camera snobs. They're as bad as "audiophiles."

My phone takes pictures. Love it or don't. That's my motto.

Deborah Castellano said...

Thanks for all the tips, kids! <3

Rufus Opus said...

Thou hast email.

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