Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Solutions for Workplace Gossip

As I mentioned before, a reader wrote in to ask me what to do in a situation where there was work place gossip about her due to a personal problem with a coworker that was beginning to affect the opinions of her superiors in addition to affecting the opinions of her coworkers. She had enjoyed working in her work place before all this started and wants to do her best to safeguard her job security.

Here is what I suggested.

1. Invite the woman out to lunch. Don't bother trying to address the issue because it's on a "hinky" level verses a concrete level that you could specifically address. During lunch, just be as *charm*ing as you can be if you know what I mean (think old movie charming heroines like Audrey Hepburn, etc.) and project an energy of likeableness. Be as fun and outgoing as you can be, she may then think more kindly towards you because of that energy/you both like the real housewives of NJ or whatever.

2. Literally break bread with these people. Bake a loaf of quick bread using this recipe. The honey is important because it will sweeten their dispositions towards you, also add cinnamon to the recipe because that brings good fortune in business and money matters. As you are baking the bread, focus on putting your intent into it - that these people will like you and be favorably inclined towards you in business matters. Offer the bread to everyone who is giving you a problem - coworkers and your superiors.

3. When possible, offer to do the crap jobs that no one wants to do, whatever that is in your office. For me it was dealing with other departments, filing, etc.

4. Make a honeypot. Get a small jar of honey. Empty about two tablespoons of it into a small bowl. Put it on your altar as an offering and if you can, dispose of it by putting it by your work place door (outside). If you can't do that, just put it out on a crossroad somewhere. Get a small piece of brown paper bag that will fit in the jar and write the names of everyone causing you problems 3 times. While you are writing, do not let your pen leave the paper, neatness doesn't count here, continuity does. Put on top of the paper three cloves (to stop gossip), 3 cardamon seeds (to attact good luck), and 3 chamomile flowers (you can get them from a tea bag if need be) (to protect and keep money). Roll the paper towards you while praying for job security and for the gossip to stop and for these people to feel "sweet" towards you (the purpose of the honey). Put it in the honey jar. Screw the lid back on the honey jar tightly. Put the honey jar in your sink or cauldron (some place where it will be safe as we are about to get fire involved here). Now get a small green taper candle and carve a symbol or words for what you want into it and be sure to pray over it as well. Light it off your stove if it's gas, use a match in the kitchen if it's not. Let a little wax melt onto the lid of the jar and anchor the candle on top of the jar. Let the candle burn all the way out (I recommend getting a small taper for this). Put the honey pot on your altar. Be sure to continue burning candles on top of the honey jar with symbols and prayers once a week to keep the mojo going.


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