Monday, October 4, 2010

Crucible 2010

I am still con-hung over (and, okay, tequila hung over too) from Crucible this past weekend where I got to see Jason, Kenaz and of course Jow as I drove him there.

I got to sit on a v. nice panel where I was treated as a person with opinions verses chick with tits (. . . I've been on panels like that and oh hate). I invoked you in spirit there, Gordon, I dragged black swans into the discussion and Jason agreeably went along for the ride. Next year I am considering taking my Cursing is a Sometimes Food on the road, we'll see.

Over dinner, we decided our blogroll shouldn't be bogged down with becoming a cabal and trying to figure out ruuuuuuuuules and all that, no fuck that, we should be The Justice League. Since I floated the idea forward, I called dibs on Wonderwoman, with Jow claiming Batman and Jason claiming the Green Lantern.

I didn't get to catch Kenaz's lecture on Voodoo money magic as he was directly up against Jow's alchemy lecture which went very well and was v. academic with people taking notes and everything. I did get to see Jason's lecture on the 10 Principles which went v. well. Jason's an especially good public speaker and he's v. relatable and knowledgable, I hope to improve my own public speaking skillz.

On a personal note, there was a Schoeringer's Cat moment for me, followed by a black swan moment swiftly followed by some shoaling. As it is personal, I won't be publically sharing the details but it really worked and made my weekend go v. well.

I made candied apples and pumpkin pie shots and tended bar with my bff like a proper kitchen witch. Naturally, there was a lot of proclaiming about how I set things super hard and how I was sweating like a whore in church. So maybe a little more Coyote Ugly than Stepford wife as I was down to a cami top by late and our banter was a bit less than proper and of course, everyone wants to do tequila shots with the bartenders . . .Our traditional toast for your reference is, "To being fabulous!"

Of course, now, I'm exhausted having burned all my willpower points.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I must have the pumpkin pie shots recipe.

Gordon said...


I would have liked to have been there in more than spirit but Tuscany called.

Next year fo sho. Sounded awesome.

Faerie Sage said...

I awarded you with the triple blog award again! (dont feel the need to post again just so you know I linked back to you :))

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