Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little altars everywhere

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I got distracted by something shiny and Jenna being preggo on Degrassi. Previously, we had tiny altars everywhere taking up just about every conceivable surface of our house. Jow pushed for consolidation but I resisted for a while because I didn't know how it would work out and I fear change. But the promise of easy accessibility to our magical components won over my lizard brain. Also, we didn't consolidate everything everything.

First, let's start with some failure. Like many things, our wealth altar started with really good intentions and being all excited from Jason Miller's lecture on wealth. But we soon came to realize:

a) As neither of us are Catholic anymore and also lazy, we sucked at starting a new relationship with St. Expedite.
b) We also aren't terribly good with Chinese deities.
c) Perhaps the wealth altar facing a wall and often forgotten because of its shitty placement in the house is not the best.

Behold! Our failure!

So we decided to keep using the money box which had been working well and is on our new altar, continue using the money hand Jason had made for me (I named her Ali 'cause she is part alligator hand), remember to water our prosperity plants (desert roses) and utilize additional spellwork (honeypot, mojo hands, etc) and um . . . comment dit-on hit up the deities we already have relationships with for money as needed.

We have at the tippy top of one of our bookcases a place we call Skull Head Island, for reasons that should be readily apparent. Death from Sandman lives there, Creepy Doll recently took up residence and the two clay sugar skulls we won at GoG Samhains live there as well.

My altar to Yemaya remains a full altar as she is one of my main two patrons (Crow has His own too, but I didn't take a pic for some reason). Ali lives downstairs from Yemaya on the saucer holding the table together/pied-à-terre.

On my vanity table, I have a small v. pink altar space for my charm/Charm bracelet which also houses one of my personal demons (she's a Gluttony demon) that I work with.

My altar to the Goddess remains separate because Her statue is huge!

The window sill in Spare Oom is where the nature spirits/house fae hang out.

I have a little bedside altar which has super important religious texts as you can see, and a mini shrine to the Holy Family, teeny Crow and Goddess statue (I have a Yemaya one on my window sill).

I also have a little part of my kitchen counter space dedicated to kitchen witch work with the cauldron I co-opted from Jow and my housewives tarot deck. In this pic, I was burning my candle for my honeypot.

And finally, the new and improved central altar! It's actually a baker's rack and working out super well. The top shelf houses our Hindu deities we work with, middle shelf is the Greek deities we work with, third shelf is our working space, bottom rack is our ancestor altar and then the two baskets hold magical components.


Unknown said...

The new alter is beautiful =) I wish I had space in my current place for something like that.

Jason Miller, said...

Great work. As much as I love Financial Alars, it is indeed way better to have no financial specific altars than to have one that gets dusty or is not worked regularly.

I am going through MAJOR altar upheaval myself at the moment and am working on a post about it as well.

Love the bake rack.

On a side note: You have Vampire and Changeling, but no Mage the Ascension? UR missing out.

Theo Huffman said...

I t always cracks me up to see readily recognizable IKEA picture frames, tea light holders and whatnot in pictures of people's magical setups (Not that I have any on my altars; oh nooooo; not me!). Maybe IKEA should set up a witches' and wizards' supply department.

Gordon said...

I was always partial to Vampire: The Dark Ages.

Deborah Castellano said...

Boooooooooooys, I assure you I have played it all. Another shelf houses Mage (where like half my magical theory comes from) and I too love V:DA, Gordon! I know what we're doing should we ever meet! ;)

Deborah Castellano said...

Also! @Pallas Renatus, we live in a shoebox (>1000 sq ft by a *very* good margin), for real. If the people you live with are pagan-friendly, it's totally possible. It's why we picked the baker's rack, it's v. space friendly :)

@ Scribbler - I say we start our own chain of Ikea like magical furniture and components, why should they profit!

Theo Huffman said...

Excellent business idea! Maybe your Sugar-Daddy Gordon will bankroll it. ;-)

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