Friday, August 13, 2010


Okay, I've held my tongue for a while now. I've asked people who are into him to explain what they see in him. I attempted to see it. I attempted some of his suggested exercises. But I can't hold it in any longer.


1.If Tim Ferriss wasn't already on my sh*t list to begin with, he is now. He totally ripped off Katt Williams about haters! Sure it's all nicey nicey white boy business lingo, but the point is the same that Katt's been making better and funnier and more succiently for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears (with more cussin'). Booooooooooooo!

If you want to get in touch with your star playa, go here (again, lots of cussin')

2. I tried taking a friend's general advice about reading crap (i.e. read it in the bathroom where you crap anyway) and I can't even get through the book there. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have me among his haters, I can't even articulate talking about him without getting into a frothing feminist rage.

3. None of his teachings that I've read have had *any* bearing on my life. He has *no* clue what it means to be really honestly middle class though the re-write claims to. He is so chock full of privilege it makes me want to kick him in the shins. I tried outsourcing small projects. You know what? I COULDN'T AFFORD IT! Not even using third world labor, etc. He slimes his way past the rules, he treats everyone in his life as a lamprey time sucker (yeah, I'm sure that makes you an awesome friend, family member, etc), he claims everyone can be part of the new rich by working less but um I'm paid BY THE PIECE LIKE A FREELANCE SWEATSHOP LABORER so how *that's* going to work is beyond me, he claims to not be part of the "rich walking dead" but is constantly talking about goals such as getting an ASTIN MARTIN and how everyone could use an extra 500K a year. Sure, it's true, everyone could. But man, I am *no where* never a six figure salary. So okay Timmy, for us hourly people who have no commission how exactly are we supposed to make more with less work? If I pranced up to my boss in this economy demanding that, you know what I'd be? FIRED. It's all well and good for him to tell us to do that when he's made MILLIONS in a good economy to fall back on. I don't have shit to fall back on but my skills. I'm grateful I have enough skills to support myself without disability, with fibromyalgia but none of my skills are going to net me a posh salaried job that I could manage to work without killing myself in the process which doesn't seem to land me in the "new rich" category.


That is all.


Gordon said...

I. Love. You. So. Bad.

Gordon said...

Okay, not even joking, but my comment verification word was 'spitim'.

Spit. Tim.

Think about it.

Dossy Shiobara said...

Honey, the whole thing is acknowledging that you have to escape the pattern of "trading hours for dollars." You need to create a product. One that can be sold, by yourself and/or others (if that's what you choose to outsource) while you eat, sleep, and live your life.

Sure, right now, you're stuck trading hours for dollars ... but you have spare time. In that spare time, you need to define your product, create it, figure out how to market it, figure out how to have it manufactured if it needs to be (i.e., pay *other* people to trade THEIR hours for dollars), and then sell it and collect the money.

Right now, I'm cooking several product ideas. Simultaneously, I'm networking and meeting folks who can capitalize the idea (i.e., investors) and a few folks who can handle the marketing and sales. My goal is within the next 9-18 months to stop trading hours for dollars, and move up.

Not everyone's cut out for it -- hey, if we didn't have a working middle class, this kind of thing wouldn't even be possible -- so don't feel bad it if it just don't click for you, or you can't make it work. Sometimes, it's just not the right time ... the opportunity just isn't there. But, he's not full of crap, I can say that much. What he talks about is the classic, repeating pattern that you see with many entrepreneurs and self-made wealthy people.

It is absolutely possible, and it's not actually that hard. But, it does take some specific knowledge and figuring it out as you go is very time consuming and "expensive" in terms of hours and thus dollars.

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