Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glorious Things You Have to Look Forward to From Me!

Alright Charmers, get excited.  Since 2012 is the year to kick ass and take names, I will be producing the following for your enjoyment:

* The completion of the New Year, New You Experiment

* The continuation of the Experiment right after Valentine's Day into a free 14 week eCourse

* Limited Edition Magical Perfume Blend "Man in Black" which will be designed for those who like a more masculine blend.  It will come in a labeled 5ML amber bottle and it will be consecrated to bring you confidence, financial success and make you more attractive than you already are.  It will have some citrus notes, green tea notes, woodsy notes and warm spices.  More details will follow, but there will only be a dozen made and it will be $20 on the first day offered, $25 after that. (Launch: Next month, tentatively)

* Limited Edition Magical Perfume Blend "Goddess of the Hearth" which will be designed to promote all good things needed in a hearth - financial security, happiness in romance and friendship and protection.  This will be an essential oil/carrier oil mix that will be consecrated.  It will contain lavender notes, white thyme notes and parsley notes.  It will come in a 5ML amber bottle More details will follow, but there will only be a dozen made and it will be $20 on the first day offered, $25 after that.  (Launch: Next month, tentatively)

(My Erzulie Limited Edition Solid perfume sold out within a month and I was told not only did it smell nice from a few parties but that they were also "knee deep in penises" so there's some positive feedback)

* I'm relaunching my Goddess Dollies line.  They will have dresses that are nicer than anything I own and their bodies are made from cotton blends.  They're appropriate to keep as soft representations of your patrons but also to sleep with and cuddle with.  Their hearts are stuffed with materials that are appropriate to them.  My first three I will be launching will be Hecate, Yemaya and Kali.  I will only be launching one at a time and their clothes/hair/etc will change with each dolly I do.  So if you're in love with a particular version of a dolly, snap it up because the next one will be somewhat different.  They will be $40 each.  (Launch: Next month, tentatively)

* Short book on a practice I'm working on and basically the importance of glamour in magic.  I'm looking to launch it (tentatively) through Amazon in both paper and electronic Kindle versions.  It will be professionally edited and illustrated.  Tentatively, the paper version will be $8 and the electronic version will be $6 and will hopefully be out by end of summer.

* Post book, I will likely make the New Year, New You Experiment into a full 52 week course but we'll get there when we get there on that as it's the most distant in the future.


Unknown said...

Cannot wait for the Man in Black and your book! I'm totally telling everyone I know I inspired that scent. They will believe my lies.


Let me know the day it comes out!

Unknown said...

super excited about EVERYTHING on this post. you rule x 1million

petoskystone said...

'Man in Black'...awesome name!

Deborah Castellano said...

@ Chris - It's not a lie if it's true, silly ;p My dianic roots are totes showing because I was like, oh yeah! Boys purchase goods and services too! But I'm used to crafting at craft shows and . . .the boys are few and far between there.

Thanks @Katie K and @Petoskystone! The consecration processes will be interesting because they will be using the ritual format that I am coming up with along with using gods as egregors (sort of like Feri does). :)

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