Thursday, November 10, 2011

Housekeeping. Not a Euphemism.

You live in a condo.  Get a deposit box like everyone else.
Before we get too deep in, Massive Occult Book Destash including rare books (and RPG books).  Everything is priced to move and the lowest on Amazon.  Almost 100 books up for sale.

Okay.  So, being a suburban creature, my idea of the wheel of the year is sort of different than people with a closer connection to the land.

Samhain - Everyone's a sad panda.  It's going to get cold soon so stop fucking around and make sure your house is ready for winter.

Yule - Too.  Much.  Family.  No.  Money.

Imbolc - If there's any more winter I'm going to stab someone in the face.

Spring Equinox - Mud everywhere.  Time to get the house back in order again.  If I'm going to do a container garden, time to get moving.

Beltane - Yay!  Drink wine in a field somewhere!  Flirt with everyone.

Midsummer - Contemplate life transition.  In my grove for whatever reason, chicks tend to make their maiden-to-mother transition there, unplanned.  Happened to me, happened to a friend.  Just pop. 

Lammas - Amazons 'n sacrifice contemplation.

Fall Equinox - Mmmmm, cider and cider donuts and cardis.

So, even though I have what can be considered a vague grasp on the Wheel at best, the house has been a complete disaster from all the crafting and it's started to affect me.  Admittedly, I haven't been really magically cleansing since August due to a couple of different life events that produced negative energy and then I was so busy interviewing and securing more hours and working on my craft business as well as working on eating/exercise changes, so it's just been accumulating.  But while I sacrificed my mani that I spent an hour on the night before (sigh.), I scrubbed our house clean.  All the gross corners that you try to pretend don't exist.  The microwave.  The fridge.  Dusting altars.  Doing the gods dishes.  Scrubbing like crazy.  We got some new bedding for the winter so that needed to be put together and I got new clothes and socks and such so old stuff needed to be cleaned out to make room for the new.

With that in mind, I figured since getting Jow to destash his books was an uphill battle at best, I figured I would help.  I had some extra time off this week and I was in good spirits because I just got asked to read one of my anthology stories at KGB and Tristan Taormino would likely be running the event, all of which is a BFD.   So I told him to give me his books and I would list them on Amazon for him.  Oh Charmers.  I have no idea how Jow managed to hide like three huge rubbermaid tubs strategically throughout the condo.  I mean, it's impressive. It was organized and everything but I had no idea there was that much.  So I spent the day slogging through putting them all up on Amazon and putting together donate piles.  I also went through my stuff, mostly to donate as my tastes don't tend to appreciate in value.  By the time I finished I had two v. full rubbermaid tubs to donate and two full rubbermaid tubs to sell.  Lest you feel too sorry for him: (a) these are books he hasn't read or touched in well over a year and (b) he owns a Nook for gods' sake, the agreement was for him to destash to pay for the Nook.  But happily that will mean four rubbermaid tubs worth of books out of the condo and a big garbage bag full of clothes to donate.  I suppose it's better than an ex who would say that he recycled cardboard and empty bottles/cans and instead would strategically hide that throughout the house.

But energetically, our place was a pit.  So after church this morning ( . . .don't even ask) and a full diner breakfast of goodness, we cleaned out the bedroom and then started magically cleansing the house.  I realize in my article on the matter, I didn't really address what happens if you're a slag for too long and "regular" cleansing isn't sufficient to de-gunk your house.  Welp.  In addition to your usual Cleaning, I suggest adding offerings to the land spirits and a strong incense (mine had cedar tips, gum arabic, mugwort, hawthorne berries and frankincense) on top of the other stuff I've talked about in my article.  So you sort of start out going, hey buddy, time for you to get on gettin' on to closing time is an hour to you don't have to go home but you can't stay here to time to go.  Now.  If you find you still have problems, then you'd need to move onto Pallas Renatus's GTFO potion because you've got yourself a srs problem.    Luckily we didn't need to take it to that level, the very thorough cleaning and Cleaning seemed to do the trick.   It feels really nice to feel the flow of energy, well, flowing.


Anonymous said...

ZOMG amen to your description of Imbolg. O.O

Unknown said...

wheel of the year win

Anonymous said...

Imbolc: i think you've summed up my thoughts on that one nicely. =)

...and now 3 of Jow's books will be coming to my house--which is already full of books. i'm sure you appreciate this sacrifice. *solemn* i'm very helpful like that.

Kleaf19 said...
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Kleaf19 said...

I think you nailed the Wheel Of The Year for us suburbanites! Great post!


Deborah Castellano said...

@ All - Yeah I'm not huge into Bridget personally so for me it's really more that horrible part of the winter where I've lost my will to live.

@ nkyinkyin - Bless you. I think you should get 500 xp points for your good deed.

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