Monday, November 22, 2010

Reader Help Requested: Mad Fat Sacks of Loot

So, as many of you know, Wednesday is my last day here at work. My company is going under and I've been here for five years. I do have a plan, my freelance writing can generate as much income as I was making here at my day job and I plan on working on book outlines (including a kitchen witchery book) and short stories and crafting/Crafting.

I don't know yet if I will be receiving severance. I would very much like to (and it is possible for a variety of reasons) as it would greatly help my transition. I've been doing my own magical work to get this, but I figure the more the merrier. I'm looking for a severance of about $3K. If you would be so kind as to say a tiny prayer to the universe/god/esses, light a candle, whatever, I would greatly appreciate it!


Unknown said...

Good luck! The candle on my altar is lit for you. :)

Dossy Shiobara said...

*om* ;)

Unknown said...

done. booyah, good luck!

Faerie Sage said...

Good luck! My prayers and blessings are with you.

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