Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost Famous

So, that article at the top of Witchvox, that would be me.

I'm sort of surprised, it was supposed to take months and it only took like two weeks. I didn't even know it was up to be honest until I got some fan mail.

I'm v. unglamorous at the moment. My hair is messily back in a ponytail and I don't even have a bra on, in my pjs at nearly 5p, busily freelance writing to pay for a wedding (not mine) I'm going to this week that I have by now lost all interest in. My cat is omg smelly next to me and I just scarfed down a piece of tilapia that I made using the microwave. My living room is only clean because Jow cleaned it last night. My sink overflows with dishes, my dining room is overflowing with mail and I think I've failed yet again at my latest attempt to make incense. I am in no way shape or form packed or ready for next week's wedding trip.

So, hi new people! Glad you're here. Here I am in all my glory!


Gordon said...

You were always famous to me.

*star.mama* said...

Thank the Gods I'm not alone! Ten years ago I was a Doc Marten wearing, NIN loving, feminist who just happened to love Wicca and couldn't wait to get into ceremonial magick. Now, here I am with a husband, two kids, a house and a small menagerie to tend to and doing so magickally makes it all so much more real. Too bad my Docs fell apart on the path to here.

BTW, I loved the article on the Witches' Voice. While a culinary miracle worker myself, I never dipped into the lower arts until I met a woman named Deborah, in California.

Moonwolf said...

Loved your article -- I, too, have wondered what put the 'witch' in many posts by 'kitchen witches'. I must admit that I finally decided that many just downplayed the witch part on their posts out of caution -- benefit of the doubt and all that! LOL -- the verification word was 'redhusi'!

Karen said...

Great article! One thing--the link that should be under the 'here' word under the Being a HomeMaker paragraph is not. I'd love to know what it was going to be, as I am a curious cat =)

Teacats said...

Brillant article -- articulate, witty and always charming!

Here's my fav books on housewifery:

"Spiritual Housecleaning: Healing the space within by beautifying the space around you" by Kathyrn L. Ross

"Spirit of the Home: How to make your home a sanctuary" by Jane Alexander

"Goddess at Home" by A. Bronwyn Llewellyn

Thanks again for such a great article!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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