Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[New Year, New You] Supplemental: Jason's New Year, New You Reading

From Jason Miller:

All this New Years New You talk has really got me going, and I want to do whatever I can to get you going too.
From now until the Perihelion (January 3rd) I am offering the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE FOR $100
That is $50 off.
But wait! That’s not all!     (I have been waiting all my life to say that…)
Take advantage of this offer and I will also give you ONE FREE TAROT OR SYBILLA READING about your new years projects. I am on fire with readings over the last few months since I found my old Sacred Rose Tarot that I bought in college and for once am having a good time reading for people.
So to recap: order by January 3rd and get the Strategic Sorcery Course AND one free Tarot Reading.
Every week someone from the course writes me with results that they have been getting from the course work and how it is changing their life, and I really want to make it accessible to those who are getting into the NEW YEARS, NEW YOU vibe.
To take advantage of the offer write me at inominandum@gmail.com with STRATEGIC NEW YEAR in the subject line.


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