Thursday, December 15, 2011

[New Year New You] The Process

So, there may be some confusion about joining The Project and such.  You can join anytime you like, even in the last week.  You will likely not get as much from it if you wait a super long time like that, but who am I to say?  Maybe your mind will be blown and you'll transform into a new person, I'm not omnipotent.  But if your brain is exploding from holidaze madness right now and you need a few weeks to get your shit together, no one is going to say OMG!  LOOK AT LUCY COME LATELY!  WHAT A FAILER TO TRY LATE AND AT ALL!  It's always better to try than to not try at all if you ask me.

If life happens and you miss a week or two and you know in your heart of hearts you're doing everything you can do just to tread water due to Life Happening, that's fine too.  This requires radical self honesty.  Are you really treading water or are you being a lazy slag?  Only you know the answer to that.  But the point is for you to get as much out of this as possible.

I know it's human nature to get intimidated and competitive with other people's goals, Lordess knows I'm guilty of that too.  But if it's not driving you to be a more awesome you and instead is making you eat your stomach from the inside out with misery and perhaps shame, remind yourself that everyone is a special unique snowflake with special unique snowflake goals and life circumstances.  The goal is for you to improve your life by hook and crook and bell and book.  What is challenging for you may be a breeze for someone and what's a breeze for you may be challenging for someone else.

If you don't get a chance to do the first prompt until next week or three weeks from now, don't feel like you can't do it.  You can always add your input to the page, people are still trickling in.  It's not like I gave you a ten minute meditation to do to start, I asked you to hit the floor running.  This may take a few days to do.

I encourage you to check out other people's responses to the first prompt to get an idea of where everyone is coming from.  If you aren't able to participate in the experiment for whatever reason, you could still fill a very important role by encouraging your fellow Charmers in their transformation.


Chrys said...

And a Charmer can always start with a modest goal and add new modest/maniacal goals as time goes on, right? :-)

In my case, I'm just going to work on feeling healthy again. Once/if that comes together, I will set up for the world domination plans. And updating my Etsy shop more often.

Deborah Castellano said...

World domination can *always* be a step two. ;)

Anonymous said...

So, I'm pretty sure I'm skipping around a bit - but here's my combo post over at The Digital Enchiridion:

Rose Weaver said...

So, maybe I'm not following "The Process" right, but as far as I'm concerned, this is a great idea and in all honesty, I'm jumping in to help myself. I've read a couple of other blogs, but do need to read more to get a better feel. Here is my second entry though:

Magic and the Creative Process

Unknown said...

Hah, a side effect of my limping in? I'm (finally) making myself blog more often! Awesomeness abounds.

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