Thursday, February 16, 2012

[New Year, New You] My Response to Asking for Help

So, everyone thinks that since Jow is a massage therapist, it's massage on demand at our casa.  Of course, the boy is no fool.  When we first started dating, there was *a lot* of massage.  But now a few years later, knowing that he has an hour commute each way and that most days he's on his feet doing deep tissue for anywhere from two to eight sessions (generally closer to eight), I feel like a jerk being like, baby, I know you just did this for your real job for an extended amount of time but MY TURN!

Also, he has a little specialty niche massaging fibrofoxes and he says I'm hands down the worst with pain levels so, like a doctor, it's hard for him to massage me because I'm wincing and whining and carrying on because it hurts a lot for me.  But, for it to be beneficial to me, it needs to because afterwards it's much better.

But with nannying and crafting and writing (back, shoulders, hands, right arm, right hip), for me to keep going at the pace I'm going, I need some work done on me.  So I sacked up and asked.  We were finally able to on Tuesday and as expected, it was painful for me and difficult for him.  But I felt much better afterwards.  So we're going to try to do it every month on a Tuesday (one of his "desk" days where he's not massaging) and I've calendared it to make it official.


MG Ellington said...

I am glad you asked for this.

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