Tuesday, February 21, 2012

. . . .And the winner is . . . .

Katie K. pointed out that I promised a contest winner today.  Lucky for you all I'd had enough wine to comply.

I had to print a million pages with all of your entries under the harsh
taskmastership of  Angus, the Scottish Cow.  The playing card
comes from Sleep No More and the top hat is Jow's.

I had to cut each entry and ask Jow for help with the folding.  He
had the gall to imply I was done cutting before he was done folding.

I told Jow he needed to shuffle it up really good.

He pulled a name.

Congratulations to Ximera Grey!  You won the drawing!


Mr. J. said...

Man, I look dead sexy in my 'jama pants and Legend of Zelda shirt.

Bea said...


Rose Weaver said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations !!!

Ocean Delano said...

Congrats, Ximera!

Anonymous said...

Congrats :D

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