Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[New Year New You] Housekeeping Notes for the Last Week and Second Segment

So, we're in our final week for the public part of the Experiment but because I am such a glutton for punishment  maschocist  love you so much, I've decided to continue the Experiment as a free eCourse.

If you are on week 9 or close to it, please feel free to join the list using the form on the right of my blog.

Why Should I Keep Beating My Head Against This Wall With You and Your Bitch of a Muse?

* All of you have made amazing progress and I would like us to continue to make amazing progress together, being part of an Egregor/hive mind helps give that soupcon of peer pressure that must of us need to accomplish personal goals as well as giving us a cheering section for when we really need it.

* You'll have access to a super sekret by invite only Google group where you'll get to discuss the second segment as much as you would like in as much detail as you would like, giving you an even closer sense of community with your fellow Charmers who are Experimenting.

* The same general format of the first nine weeks (i.e. weekly writing prompts) only with better editing and now delivered directly to your email box.

* Continued feedback from me as you progress.

* You'll have the smug satisfaction of being part of the first alpha group to complete the Experiment in its current form.

I'm not really any where close to done yet, can I join anyway?

You could because I'm not, like, the internet police or anything but I don't think you'll get as much out of it because it picks up directly where the the first segment (the last nine weeks we've been blogging about) leaves off so it's best if you finish the first nine weeks first.

But I've fallen behind, like, a lot.  *sad face*

It's cool!  You can join the eCourse whenever you like.  The Google Group has helpful posting rules so that anyone can join the eCourse and join the conversation on the Google Group whenever they want!

Can I still get your feedback on my NY NY entries after today?

Of course!  Just leave me a link to your entry on any of the prompt pages and I will be happy to read them indefinitely.

You're totes doing the Valentine's Day drawing today, right?

Well, Charmers, I've inadvertently lied to you.  The thing is, because I'm posting the last prompt today, most of you won't have a chance to complete it today.  So I'm giving everyone a week before I do the drawing so you can do some last contest valid entries before the drawing.  I will draw next Tuesday, Feb 21st for the contest winner.


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