Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[New Year, New You] I don't know what it meant to me/ I just know it affected me (My Response to: Wheel of Morality)

I'm definitely feeling a bit nostalgic about ending the public portion of New Year, New You: An Experiment in Radical Magical Transformation though I'm already hitting the ground running to keep up with the second segment eCourse prompts.

What have I learned?

The world has an egregor of like minded, magical, perfectionistic, thoughtful, funny, awe inspiring people who will be scarily synchronistic with myself and each other.

The people who stuck out the Experiment all the way through (or are in process of doing so) really threw themselves whole heartedly into committing to do magic in the truest sense of the word - they devoted themselves to changing themselves and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of the world around them.  Everyone else's work constantly inspired me to keep working just as hard as they did because the things that these Charmers were bringing to life are special and important and I wanted to be part of that magical experience.

I still get scared and overwhelmed.  I haven't done all the things I wanted to do.  But I've done more than I have done and am accomplishing more than I ever thought I could accomplish.  This is terrifying but I won't let myself stop.

I still have moments when things are really being produced out of the ether and I'm so amazed and stunned and awed about the things I've accomplished, that I get scared and want to stop.  But I haven't let myself which is an accomplishment onto itself.

The stardust that runs through my veins and produces magic has been changed.

I've noticed in the last week or so that there has been a slight change in my own personal magical essence.  That it's stronger, faster, more charming and more capable as well as being more magical.  It's bad ass.

Thank you all for all of this.  Namaste.


Unknown said...

AWESOME. but who won?

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite finished posting to all the prompts, but I wanted to thank you for coming up with this and running it, and well--being you. This showed up at just the right time to get me off my ass, dust myself off and dive back in. Thank you.

MG Ellington said...

Thank you for all of this. I am getting so much out of it. It is nice to know that you've gained from the experience as well.

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