Thursday, December 9, 2010

L. and the Surprise Tree

L.: sorry got distracted when getting coffee
on the other hand suprise tree is watered

me: . . . .?

L.: we got back from thanksgiving and found a tree planted out front

me: by a mysterious force?
or do we know by whom?

L.: fairmount park commision
we had applied last year to get a tree planted, heard nothing. spring came and went and no tree, so we figured our letter got lost in the mail

me: lol

L.: tree was a surprise as well, i can't think of anyone who would plant a tree after there had been snow in the air

me: that's pretty awesome

L.: i just hope it doesn't die

me: to make sure it doesn't die, you should wassail it.

L.: i think my singing at the tree might encourage its suicide

me: there's also something about bread and wool too i think
i did it once

L.: i think the tree spirits would be more inclined to listen to you than to me. also its not an apple tree

me: bah!
they still want attention
you could try hugs?

L.: are just trying to make my neighbors think i'm all sorts of "special" aren't you?

me: when your tree dies i'll do the i told you so dance ;p

L.: when my tree dies it will because it was planted in the wrong damn season

Later . . .

L.: woot! i think i finally perfected the way i have to do things
/me is now happy and should make progress quickly?

me: . . .yes.
the tree said so.
it will be a quick way to determine if your new tree is a liar or not.

L.: you have a telepathic bond with my tree?

me: not yet.
but it im'ed me.
Tree: Tell Lisa progress will go well.
Me: How do I know if I can believe you, Tree?
Tree: Would a tree lie?
Me: . . . no?
Now it has an away message up about how it just leveled up in his game.
I didn't think to ask which one.

L.: ...its like a combination between the kite eating tree and hobbes

The End!


Shelly said...

<3 love <3

Unknown said...

Wow. I don't know what I just read, but it made me giggle. :) Good luck to you and your mystery tree.

...Okay, seriously, did someone really just come and randomly plant a tree in your yard? ...A year after the paperwork went in!?

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