Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[New Year New You] My Response to Relax Don't Do It

I'm so smug and rested!
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Oh Charmers.  I have had the worst stomach bug since yesterday.  Seriously, give me the flu over this any day of the week.  I can deal with fibro, anemia, anxiety/depression, my uterus turning itself inside out . . .but this?  I seriously wanted to die.

In the interest of full disclosure, since my intestines were in revolt yesterday (and today), I didn't make it to my dance class yet.  But I will when I feel fully human again.

So this particular exercise was hard for me to do because I'm used to being a worker bee.  When someone is like, let me treat you to something nice, my answer is to flail a whole lot.  Jow is similarly challenged in treating himself.

Because I'm always a party, on the day we agreed to do something nice for ourselves, I started getting v. anxious and "tail chew-y" about settling on something to do, likely because every plan I've made in the past two months have resulted in some kind of illness or other clusterfuck.

But Jow and I settled on going to Princeton.  I realized part of why I was reluctant is that a lot of my past centered around there but it was time for me to take the town back.  Jow always gets omg excited about University towns, he can smell the book learnin' happening as soon as we get there.  It was nice having the time driving in the car down country roads to really catch up with each other.

We found a little boutique called Aphrodite with planetary sigils in their sign so we had a nice chat with the owners and then tried to go to a favorite restaurant of mine but the power was out so they gave us a gift card so I'll go back there for a birthday dinner.  We went to another restaurant instead and did a sake flight and had really good dry rubbed ribs, tuna sashimi, crab wontons and soup with a tiny sweet for dessert.  We made a nice simple dinner in for ourselves and then drank some St. Germain and enjoyed spending time together.


petoskystone said...

http://hedgehogwolverine.blogspot.com/2012/01/update-relax-dont-do-it.html :)

MG Ellington said...

I am so glad you two had that time together.

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