Friday, November 11, 2011

Think I'm Fancy

Hecate thinks She's fancy too.  (Sleep No More)
 All of this cleaning that we've been doing isn't just Squirrel prep though.  After two years of living here and a few incarnations, we decided we wanted to make Spare Oom into a Work/work room due to falling in love with the Witches' Hut from Sleep No More (I got to see it the second time I went!  Also it's going to be on GossipGirl this week!) and Jow having some kind of revelation that it's okay to basically make shit up for rituals that I'm not going to question v. deeply as it's in my best interest not to.

We got witchy stuff for a circle a while ago but . . .we only circled together once or twice and most of the stuff had fallen in disarray.  We decided to keep our respective athames, the chalice and the plate . . .and that's about it. So we need new circle stuff.  We like the idea of fancy French things so why not incorporate that into practice?  I read a trashy YA fiction book that had a system called bonne magie which basically morphed trad Wicca with French/New Orleans.  I'm chaotic/Hollow One enough to be like, godsdamnit, if I want my practice to look and feel like a Florence + the Machine video  and it works that's my business.  So we bought Village Witch because I loves Cassandra Latham- Jones with a love that's pure and true like for Chunky Chaat and allegedly the fiction book too (science.).  We need a new altar cloth, a working altar to use and directional items mostly likely.  And candelabras and tea cups.  For science.  We're going to purchase some Bee Propolis Resin for our rits and use champagne or St. Germain for our "ale" and madelines and brioche for our cakes.  We decided how we would do our god work and that we'd observe the Wheel as well as possibly new moons/full moons and some of the magic we want to accomplish.  We got French Cartomancy for divination.  Figuring out what to wear was a bit of a trial because we want it to have a glam Sleep No More/F+tM feel but we also didn't want a, Ooooooooh look at you!  Playing dressssssss up in your little room together! feel either.  We figured that out as well.  We'll see how it works!  Everyone else gets to make everything else up/glom together things that make sense to them, why can't we?  That's what we've taken away from going back to Mass.  You're welcome.

Our eventual goal is to put real wood flooring in there so we can draw things on it more effectively.  We're going to keep the bookcase in there but it will be magical books only and crafting supplies (it has to live somewhere) and we're going to keep the desk.  I have my focus board up, Jow needs to get his up.  We still need to get Sarah's print framed and hung up.  We're going to be eventually getting rid of the Ikea bookcases in  the dining room and upgrading to this book case (mmm, books AND booze!) and getting rid of the bar cart which means the Skull Head Island altar will likely be relocated and I'll have to figure out . . .something to do with Eris' altar as she's fussy and doesn't like to share and also resides at the top of a book case.  Perhaps they will each get a top shelf on the new book case to lord over everyone from.  We also want drying racks to hang herbs from in Spare Oom.  Mmmm, we get happy just thinking about how awesome it's going to look.  Especially since we suffer from terrible, terrible altar envy (I'm looking at you, Sarah, Ms. Dirty and Joe).  We decided to stop crying and whining and being slags and just do it.

To not being slags!  Cheers, darlings!


Chrys said...

Sounds to me like you're going all Cult of Ecstasy together ;-) Fancy = bliss?

Anonymous said...

Re: Fab but not Dress-Up: Asymmetrical black dress + accessories made of bone & feathers. Or whatever works for you. :-D

Have a fabulous Spare Oom! :-D

Deborah Castellano said...

@ Chrys - Ooooh, I love it!

@ birchtreemaiden - It's v. close! I just would need the accessories!

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