Monday, August 1, 2011


Firstly, thank you all for for your well wishes, charmers! I'm not going to lie, part of me was like I got engaged, that's enough of a harvest!

It started out as an incredibly crappy fibro day for various reasons so my actual plans for the day were dashed. I managed a brief trip to a local farmer's market with Jow, to the liquor store next store and the butcher. There's something about butcher paper that feels magical, ditto for bakery paper. I'm going to incorporate it into my magical practice I think. We're suburbanites, there's nothing for us to personally harvest, but for $30 we got a beautiful harvest of fruit, vegetables and cheese. We also got a beautifully marbled piece of steak that we cooked with mushrooms and onions in red wine and freshly baked (not by me) pretzel rolls. We also got King Goblin and Harvest ales. I made a sour cream chocolate chip quick bread.

We made a pretty offering plate to our gods with incense and a candle I made and gave thanks and asked for our coming harvest to be plentiful and outlined what we harvested this year and contemplated harvest for next year.

Happy Lammas :)


Eve Dia said...

Hi, first time commentor long time reader, congradulations on your engagement :)

Anonymous said...

So... Recipe Monday = Sour cream chocolate chip quick bread? :-D

Magaly Guerrero said...

It sounds like an adorable celebration. And congrats on your engagement!

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