Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Article on WitchVox

Probably not as exciting to my regular readers, but regular readers, what you see here is a raw version of whatever I'm writing about, when I send it over to WitchVox it gets edited and I add points to the article, etc. Here's the article (Hi WitchDoctorJoe! We're sharing a page!).

I have my Recipe Monday article pre-queued, so expect to see that bright and early tomorrow.

For my new readers, a glimpse into what you're getting yourself into. Right now I'm working on title editing and listening to Repo: The Genetic Opera, which I somehow never get sick of. I'm not a huge movie fan, but when I like something, I like it forever. My like it forever movies include:

* The Craft (your judgement tastes delicious)

* Dream for an Insomniac

* Jennifer' Body (which I've watched with my bff approximately nine billion times. When we're down we fb message each other, Where's it at, Monostat?)

* Empire Records

* Clueless

* Legally Blond

* Ginger Snaps

* St. Trinian's

* Secretary

As a Crowgirl, if someone's putting on a show, I'm going to watch it. It's why I watch an omg amount of reality tv and teen drama along with criminal procedures on TV.

Dubious Kitchen Witch Street Cred: Ummm, I have a tendency to vomit out personal issues and magical solutions typically done in a TopChef/Project Runway (look, I wasn't kidding) What-Do-You-Have-In-The-House-Great-Make-It-Work sort of manner. I have roots in shamanism, Hinduism in a Pagan context, Dianic Wicca, ADF Druidry, Yoruba and hoodoo, so I'm a complete dilettante and v. unapologetic about it. I don't have a Miss Martha neat house, I have two cats that vomit and shed a lot and my cooking is generally not gourmet. I live with Jow who actually reads magical books* and has a respectable practice, so we like to butt heads about the details. But I can put together spells on the fly, let people cry/vomit into my apron, throw a bridal shower, baby shower, a funeral repast, Thanksgiving and a Samhain feast for 50 and I can generally use my common sense to help people figure out how to conduct themselves and/or when they're being an ass.

* So much that apparently ADF figured out how to get money out of him for the rest of his life, they sent him books with his membership. Back in the day when I first joined, I got a tiny card and a slap on the ass. *Humph!*


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