Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unveiled Limited Edition Oil

Since everyone was most interested in a fragrance oil to help lower the veils, I will be making 10 Limited Edition Oils called Unveiled.  I will be consecrating them on the New Moon (April 21st) and releasing them for sale on Monday, April 23rd.  If you pre-order, I will ship your oil on Monday, April 23rd. 

This will be a unisex fragrance with notes of loamy juniper berries, fresh green grass, earthy cedar, exotic saffron and sensual absinthe.

If you would like to purchase this as a presale:

The oil is $15

Shipping costs will be:

$3 USD - US

$5 USD - Canada

$7 USD - Europe

For pre-ordering, go to Paypal and send payment and shipping to with the subject line "Unveiled".
My Limited Edition Oil Man in Black has (1) left.  There are (6) Goddess of the Hearth Limited Edition Oils left.  My regular oils Lucy's Lavendar Healing Oil, Rowan's Rose Love Drawing Oil, Britana's Basil Money Drawing Oil, High John and  Aurora's Mojo Hand Oil are now labeled in a similar manner to my Special Edition Oils but I haven't had a chance to put new pictures up yet!


Michelle said...

I just got your package with Man in Black and Goddess of the Hearth. THEY SMELL WONDERFUL! I think I might have to go and pre-order Unveiled.....

Deborah Castellano said...

Thanks Michelle!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I've been wearing M in B since I opened it. :D

Rose Weaver said...

Sweet! Done! And just ordered your last bottle of Man In Black. ;)

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

How much is the new oil?

Deborah Castellano said...

@Rose - Yay!

@MSR - Yeah a price would help right? Argh! $15.

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