Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Building a Dilettante

My approach to magic can at best be politely be called eccentric but there are a lot of sources that helped me get to where I am as a third wave riot girl hearth witch. Should you ever be curious about how I got here.

Reading List for the Dilettante Hearth Witch

Our Bodies, Ourselves - I'm not going to lie, it still appalls me how many women don't know their birth control options or how their bodies work or anything.

WomenSpirit Rising - Just blew my tiny brain open about religion and started me thinking about how to be a riot girl in religion.

The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle - This is When Shit Got Real for me as a Women's Studies major.

The Spiral Dance 20th Anniversary - Because you always remember your first, because she still updates it with new info and changes in philosophy. Also I'm mad at Z. and she knows why.

A Subscription to Real Simple - It's the perfect hearth witch mag imo - realistic recipes, how to clean just about anything, financial planning, realistic planners, gardening and essays about various real world stupid motherfucking problems. The real world guide to being a motherfucking adult.

Old Style Conjure Podcast - Oh man do I love me some Momma Starr, she just is the cat's pajamas. I'm going to butch this horribly but when someone essentially says on a hoodoo podcast, "But you don't just want him back, you want his money. So you're going to Bend Him Over in Jesus' name!" I'm going to love you forever.

White Wolf Mage: The Ascension Role Playing Game Books: Dreamspeakers, Cult of Ecstasy and Spirit Ways - As long as you understand that they are *fiction* for a *pretend role playing game*, they're helpful as they're well researched.

Animal Speak - a great primer on some basic Native American Shamanic concepts

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure - Super helpful hoodoo reference book.

Compendium of Herbal Magick - Really helpful Euro magical herb compendium

Rules of the Game - teaches basic NLP techniques and I find it helpful in my glamoury work

Eat, Pray, Love - it really encapsulated my post divorce spiritual journey and helped me focus on what I'm trying to accomplish.

Evolutionary Witchcraft - This book really helped me come to terms with being a Reclaimist. The Iron Pentacle meditation has changed every group I've led it for, it's that amazing.

Rune Soup - Because magically speaking, Gordon really is my better half.


Shelly said...

Thanks for the list! I've read most and/or been involved in with them.

Going to check out the others!

Shelly said...

NLP? Are you referring to Neuro-linguistic programming? Regardless, this stuff sounds very interesting and useful in where I want to go `;~)

Gordon said...

I'm on a list with something turned into a Julia Roberts movie AND some White Wolf kit?

You have made my d-... LIFE.

PS - Obviously the Julia Roberts bit was irony... the WW comment was totes for realz.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to send off an e-mail asking you for some book recommendations when I thought, “Hey, I think I’ll check Deb’s blog first!” I’m glad that I did. However, you might still see something from me in your inbox soonish ;)

Some of these titles may be just right for things I'm currently looking for, especially the books concerning herbs.

I’ve picked up “Spiral Dance” several times, but I always put it back down. The historical assumptions and inaccuracies apparent in the text always rankled. The historian in me is so very judge-y. It is available at the local library so I really have no excuse not to try again.

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