Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Housekeeping Notes

Jow suggested I make a list of featured posts like my PEH, Gordon has on his page. So I picked the seven entries I felt described myself and my practice the best, feel free to peruse them on my blog page. Gordon has coined a title for my kind of kitchen witch magical practice: Radical Practicality. Isn't he awesome? My motto is from Rasputina's Thimble Island, I may not have had much booklearnin'/ But I've got charms to win the race. . .

I added a more visible subscribing button to my page in case you were having trouble adding this page to the feed.

If my entries are moving you and/or you feel I'm hopelessly uneducated, ignorant and disgracing the occult community at large, please donate to my Educate a Dilettante Fund. I am half way to my goal of being able to take cat yronwode's class, so the money would be staying in the community.

I will be launching a three part blog post series once I recover from bridesmaid burnout. To work you up into a complete state of excited frenzy, it will be:

Fake it Til You Make It: Recipes for Rituals On-the-Go (Part One)

Wheel of the Year Turn, Turn, Turn: Seasonally Appropriate Recipes for Those
Practicing Indo-European Paganism (And Still Yummy for Those Who Don't) (Part Two)

Ritual Kitchen Witching and You! (Part Three)


Gordon said...

Consider me frenzied.

Lazily frenzied... But still.

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